Valente Luxury Extension Gloss


The Gloss provides ultra shine to the hair but was made preferably for hair extensions. The Luxury Hair Extension Gloss eliminates frizz, while illuminating shine. The gloss is rich with anti-oxidant, vitamins A & e, & C for conditioning and anti damage. The gloss leaves the hair feeling soft and supple. Typically extensions become dry because although they are a human element they are not connected to the scalp, so they are not receiving the same benefit as natural hair which receives natural oils from the scalp. Thus the gloss adds vitamins, natural anti -oxidants which treats the extension hair to look and feel healthy. The results are surreal. The gloss is best used on dry hair, preferably after a blow out, curling or flat iron treatment. The Valente Luxury Extension gloss works best after using the Valente Extension Shampoo & Conditioner. Like the gloss, the Valente Extension Shampoo & Conditioner os Paraben, Sulfate & Gluten free.  Tip: This gloss can be used on both extensions and natural human hair. Bottled in the USA.