Valente Forza Hair Oil

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The Valente Castor Oil has many benefits when used in conjunction with the Valente Lusso Oil Infused Iron. The Forza Oil is 100% pure and natural ehich is extracted from fresh leaves through distillation. The word " Forza" is Italian, meaning Strong! Castor Oil is primarily useful for people who are suffering from major hair damage. Commonly the hair loses its strength and starts to break and feel brittle after being damaged through heat styling and chemical processing. Luckily Forza Oil, Valente;s natural Keratin Oil is the ultimate hair rescue for chemically damaged hair. It is the muscle to the hair that is needed for the hair to have strong and healthy hair. It repairs and rebuilds split ends and damaged hair. Use the Valente Keratin Oil with the Valente Lusso Oil Infused Iron, and receive an at home Keratin treatment. Save a trip to the salon and treat your hair in the comfort of your own home. Castor oil also has UV protection benefits! The oil can be used topically as well as in the Valente Lusso, because it is ultra refined it will not clog the Lusso reservoir. Safe on hair extensions.  Bottled in USA.