Valente Denzo Hair Oil

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The Valente Jojoba Oil has many benefits when used in conjunction with the Valente Lusso Oil Infused Iron. The Jojoba Oil is 100% pure and natural and is extracted from fresh leaves through steam distillation, which also makes this oil amazing for aromatherapy. Give your hair a spa day with this incredibly hydrating and moisturizing hair oil Denzo! Jojoba oil is particularly known for stimulating hair growth, while dissolving buildup on the scalp. With the help of Jojoba oil, your hair will feel cleansed, longer and more manageable overall. Since the oil is natural and has gone through an ultra purification process, the Oil can be used topically as well as approved to be used with the Valente Lusso Oil infused Iron. Safe on hair extensions.  Bottled in USA.