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We are the Mane Makers! We bring the hair, YOU bring the confidence!

Valente Luxury Extensions was developed in 2016 by Founder and Owner Laura Valente, whose first-hand experience with extensions motivated her to build her growing business of Valente Inc. to include premium hair extensions. For Laura, the addition of hair extensions changed her perception of her hair and offered her a confidence boost that she hopes to extend to her clients through Valente Luxury Extensions to give them their best hair yet.

Our extensions are crafted with the highest quality hair available for purchase, free of dyes and acid washes! Our extensions are made with 100% Grade 3 Remy Human Hair, where the hair is collected directly from the hair donor is real from root to tip. Remy refers to the unilateral process in which the hair is assembled, with hair follicles running in one direction from root to tip. All Valente Luxury Extensions can be customized to accommodate your individual wants and needs.

Also within the Valente Inc. family is the Valente Lusso Oil-Infused Hot Iron and accompanying oils, as well as several other hair care essentials for the most luxurious hair possible! All products are available for purchase at Valente Hair & Co. Salon in La Jolla, where you can also receive luxury hair services and have your Valente Luxury Extensions expertly installed and styled for a seamless, natural look! It’s a great day at Valente!

Patents are pending on all Valente branded products.

Meet the Team

Laura Valente, Founder
Favorite Hairstyle: Super Sleek Straight
Hair Quote: “In a perfect world, everyone would wear Valente Luxury Extensions.”
Meet Valente Luxury Extensions founder and owner, Laura Valente! Laura has always had a keen interest in all things hair, and expressed this desire first-hand after pursuing an education in hair from Paul Mitchell the School San Diego. She continued her education while studying abroad in Italy for 3 years, where she received hands-on training from elite Italian stylists. Having these experiences ultimately led her to opening her Valente Hair & Co. in 2016 at the age of 25. With the salon nearing it's 2-year Anniversary, Laura is celebrating her success with added businesses endeavors--a Valente-branded product line! When Laura isn't working on building her brand, she is actively supporting Rady Children's Hospital and other local fundraising efforts that serve to benefit children. She also participates on the National Association of Women in business, and takes pride in making women feel beautiful and confident.


Paisley Bird, CEO
Favorite Hairstyle: Non Traditional Faux Hawk
Hair Quote: “First I do the coffee. Then I do the hair.”
Paisley is best known for her role as expert wing lady to Valente Hair & Co and Valente Inc. Founder and Owner Laura Valente. Paisley is an aspiring master storyteller whose original creative medium was fashion & portrait photography. She has styled, photographed and directed many fashion shoots with local San Diego models. In 2012, she showcased her featured portrait art at a RAW Artist community gallery. She has photographed many weddings and was a featured wedding photographer on The Knot in 2013. Her love of visuals motivated her to bring her marketing and creative business skills to the next level, which landed her previous positions as creative director and marketing lead. Paisley works alongside Laura as her marketing executive, bridal coordinator and general manager of Valente Hair & Co as well as her executive partner at Valente Inc. Paisley is probably the kindest and most positive cynic you’ll ever meet (she realizes that is an oxymoron). She also believes in harnessing and relying on her intuition as well as challenging the standards of anything. You’ll see her name in lights, mostly because she freakin’ loves lights, but also due to the fact she aspires for ideas bigger than herself.

Morgen Schroen, Marketing Director
Favorite Hairstyle: Messy Bun
Hair Quote: “Messy bun and getting stuff done!”
Meet Valente’s Marketing Director, Morgen Schroen! Born and raised in sunny San Diego, Morgen incorporates her California-girl lifestyle in all things she does. She loves using her creative aptitude with social media, writing, and blogging! Though Morgen had a passion for beauty and style, it wasn’t always her intention to do brand marketing. She fell into this path by accident when she came across San Francisco-based fashion brands CAMP Collection and The 2 Bandits, where she ended up blogging for the sister companies during her third year of school at San Francisco State University. Since then, she’s worked alongside seasoned industry professionals at San Francisco Magazine, Modern Luxury San Diego and Kelsey Rae Designs. When she isn’t blogging or building a social media presence for Valente, Morgen is a self-proclaimed professional online shopper and burrito lover who enjoys snuggling with her fur baby, baking, decorating, crafting and party planning!



Marriah Tarango, Web Designer
Favorite Hairstyle: Natural Waves
Hair Quote: “Flowy and free is all I need.”

Meet Valente’s Web Designer, Marriah Tarango! Marriah is located in the beautiful outskirts of Austin, Texas and as an online visual specialist, she can work from any location. (Which is great because traveling is her biggest passion!) Marriah has always had an interest in the creative life since she was very young and even began dabbling in graphic & web design at the age of 12! She originally went to a university to study biology, but felt that it wasn't for her as she needed something more creative in her life. She then switched majors and began studying graphic design for a couple of years, but with bigger aspirations, she decided to take learning upon herself and developed her skills mostly on her own. With big plans, she finally quit her full time job in 2017 to be able to focus on helping more small businesses increase their online presence and grow even further. Marriah hopes to continue down this path as it has provided her with so much happiness and freedom. On the weekends, you can most likely find her exploring outside and enjoying the great outdoors. But, after a long day of great design work and editing, she'll be cozying up on the couch with her boyfriend and pug, watching her favorite superhero shows.


Our Products


ValenteTabs™ are strips of clear, double sided tape which are attached to the base of the weft of Remy Hair, and then these wefts are taped in between a small fine section of hair near the scalp. Because the tape used is completely flexible and see through, your natural hair and scalp is completely natural looking and visible. There is no need for bulky braids, clip ins, or strong glue which may show through the hair. The ValenteTabs™, were created for a natural, comfortable and flexible look. They can be styled using heat up to 450 degrees, as well as braided, styled in an up do or ponytail. The tabs come packaged for easy installation for licensed professionals.  The ValenteTabs™, with proper use of the Valente Extension Shampoo and Conditioner, can last up to 6 months with normal move up installations.



The ValenteHalo™, is an easy solution to enhance your hair. The ValenteHalo™adds volume and length, while creating a fuller more voluminous look. The ValenteHalo™ is easy and quick to install. Using 100% human Remy Hair at the highest luxurious grade, the hair is attached to a weft which at the ends of both sides, a clear string can be measured to fit comfortably around the scalp, laying on the head like a “halo.” The ValenteHalo™ uses an adjustable invisible wire that will securely fit to any head sizes and shapes. Simply place the ValenteHalo™ on the crown of the head, and then pull your natural hair through to disguise the thin clear string. You can then have any of Valente Hair & Co certified professionals, custom blend or color and style to your desired result. You can also purchase clips and combs which will be necessary when wearing your ValenteHalo™. Each ValenteHalo™ comes with a step by step visual guide on how to wear and custom fit your halo invisible wire. 



The Valente Ponytail™ is basically a strip of hair sewn together. In their upper part is a small ‘clip’, which is inserted into your short ponytail. Then you separate long thin strip of hair, which you wrap around your small ponytail and easily secure with a clasp. This kind of hairstyle perfectly holds all day long without need of any adjustments. The Valente Ponytail™ is available in several colors, and lengths, which are all customizable at Valente Hair & Co by certified professionals.


Valente EasyWeft™

The Valente EasyWeft, is the easiest way to do weft extensions, the fastest and most efficient hair to apply because it eliminates the need to weave the wefts in. Pre-attached to the weft are tubes, which the client simply attaches to the hair; this reduces the whole process to just this one step, hence its name. Copper tubes are pre-attached to each piece, allowing you to apply hair extensions in a fraction of the time. With the Valente Easy Weft method, your work becomes less tedious and more efficient. Valente Easy Wefts come in several different colors and lengths, making them customizable by certified professionals.


Valente Micro Loops / Individuals

Valente Micro Loops are made from the finest quality of 100% human Remy hair. The hair has micro rings attached and in place to add length and volume to the natural hair using an already attached loop tool, which is used to pull the natural hair through the micro rings. All you need is the pliers to close the small micro rings once installed into the natural hair. These beads are lined with a thin layer of silicone to protect the hairs natural growth pattern. Valente Micro Loops come in different lengths and colors for customizable looks. 


Valente Clip Ins™

Clip on Valente Hair Extensions tend to be a short term approach to alter your appearance, either for length or volume. Valente Clip Ins™, come in a set of 5-7 pieces, each piece is different in width, so that they blend accurately with the fall of the natural hair. A number of clip on hair extensions are tiny parts of hair attached with metal clips, significantly like barrettes. This sort of clip on hair extension is meant to be added wherever you will need additional volume and length. It is simple as taking a section, back combing the hair and clipping the silicone embedded clips into the backcombed section of hair. Valente Clip Ins™ come in different colors and lengths, for your desired hair result. The hair is 100% human Remy hair, and when used in conjunction with Valente Luxury Extension Shampoo & Conditioner, the high grade hair will last at its finest quality up to 2 years.

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