Valente Lusso

Valente Lusso

$99.00 $249.00

Meet the Valente Lusso- the world’s most luxurious hair straightener with essential oil infusion! Transform your strands with smoothing technology that works from the inside out to give you your best hair yet!

This proprietary hair straightener has rounded plates that can also be used to curl. The Lusso™ is great for all hair types, including hair extensions.  This was created especially for those who love to style their hair on a regular basis. The infusion of water and essential oils nourishes the hair from inside and out by replenishing the hair follicle of nutrients. The Lusso™ is user friendly and functions like a regular hot iron- only better! There are six essential oils that accompany the Lusso™; each have their own special hair properties.

Have damaged or dry hair? The Lusso™ can nurture it back to silky smooth!

Are you concerned about adding heat to your colored hair? The Lusso™ infusion can actually restore the hair follicle!


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