Q + A with Lauren Letizio of Blame It On Barneys!

Laura Valente

Posted on April 17 2018

Photo sourced from BlameItOnBarneys.com


San Diego-based lifestyle blogger Lauren Letizio of BlameItOnBarneys.com and @BlameItOnBarneys on Instagram is a young entrepreneur with vivacious ambition and a keen eye for all things style and beauty. We got to chat with her after her highlight + extension appointment about her love for fashion and her growing blog!


Valente: How did you come about blogging?

Lauren: I started this blog after going to New York during Fashion Week one year. I have always been obsessed with fashion and style and the girls at Fashion Week that year really inspired me to create my own space where I can showcase my personal style and share what I love with my followers.


Valente: When did you discover your love for style?

Lauren: Ever since I can remember I have had a love for fashion and style. I used to make my barbies their own clothes and style them in different outfits out of old rags, pillowcases, or random fabric I came across around the house. I used to have a sketch book and just sketch different outfits out for fun. As I started to get older and really define my personal style I found myself gravitating towards a good mix of designer, vintage, and unique finds.


Valente: What do you love most about style (which aspects- hair, makeup, fashion) and why?

Lauren: I would have to say fashion is my most loved aspect of style. It has been something I've gravitated to since I was a young girl and something that I find so fun to explore.


Valente: How has your hair styling changed with the addition of your Valente Luxury Hair Extensions?

Lauren: I have always been a big fan of changing up my hairstyle. I used to go from platinum to dark chestnut brown a lot but over the past few years I've stuck with the blonde. The extensions are an amazing addition to add length and volume. I love switching up my look with something as simple as adding extensions.


Valente: When you aren’t focused on blog content, how do you like to spend your time?

Lauren: When I am not working on my blog I love to spend time with my son. He is 16 months old and he is so much fun. We love to play outside and go the beach. I also like to focus on my health and wellness and spend time with friends.


Valente: What’s next for your blog?

Lauren: I am hoping to take my blog full time later this year and really amp up the content I am providing to my readers. I am going to keep the focus on fashion, beauty, and hope to include a little more motherhood and health & wellness later this year as well!

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