Valente Lusso: How it Works to Heal Hair

Laura Valente

Posted on February 13 2018

Are you one of the many people suffering from DAMAGED hair thanks to the standard hot irons you’re using at home? If you answered YES, which likely you did, prepare to forever change the way you view hot irons in learning about the Valente Lusso--the world's most luxurious hot iron with oil infusion.

Unlike other hot irons that leave hair strands open and extra porous with missing or thinning scales, the Valente Lusso seals the cuticle and allows hair to retain a closed, non-porous cuticle. How you ask--keep reading!

The Valente Lusso Oil-Infused hot iron works to penetrate hair follicles from the inside-out, offering maximum reparative benefits through the use of oils. Unlike other products that sit on the surface of your hair, the Lusso uses heat in combination with water to hydrate and open the cuticle of the hair. By opening the cuticle, the oils are able to heal hair from within for naturally pH balanced hair, without over-saturating. All Lusso oils may be used topically, in addition to infused in the iron.

Imagine this: you're cooking a chicken in the oven at 450 degrees. If you let the chicken sit in the oven on its own, it ends up burning and becoming very dry. However, if you had cooked that same chicken in the oven at 450 degrees with water and oil, the result is a perfectly cooked chicken--one that's full of moisture, not too crispy, tender, and delicious! 

The same idea goes for hair. If you straighten your hair with a temperature setting of 450 degrees, the results will disappoint you. Your hair will suffer damage from the heat applied without protection and your cuticle will become open and extra-porous. However, if you include essential oils in combination with water, your hair will suffer much less and is more nourished. 

We looked (and looked), but there is NO other hot tool like the Valente Lusso on the market. Our revolutionary technology will improve and protect the integrity of your hair and provide you with your BEST hair yet. What are you waiting for?! Keep reading to see how to use it and see it in action ;)

First, release the reservoir on the Valente Lusso by switching the silver tab to unlock.

Remove the reservoir from the Valente Lusso and fill with 2 ounces of water.

Once water has been added, select the oil of your choosing and add 2-3 drops to the reservoir.

Return the reservoir to its original position, using the arrows as guidance. Push into place.

Select your presets on the iron, including temperature and steam. We have 5 temperature settings and 3 options for steam. Choose your temperature and steam based on your hair type. The finer the hair, the lower the temperature. The amount of steam is completely dependent upon your preference, however we recommend full steam for maximum steam penetration.

You may now begin transforming your ends from root to tip! The steam-heat, in combination with your favorite oils, will make your hair perfectly supple and straight with just one or two passes. Long gone are the days of thermal damage and crispy ends with the Valente Lusso! The steam is released from our ceramic plates to open the cuticle, which is then closed upon oil penetration to the cortex.


- The three most popular types of hot iron plates are tourmaline, ceramic and titanium. These different types of plates all serve different purposes; our ceramic plates were selected intentionally as they evenly distribute heat, create less tangles, and solve the issue of frizz. 

- Product that sits on your head does nothing more than smooth the outside of the cuticle. It isn't nourishing the cuticle or benefiting you in the long run-- it is only a temporary fix. 

- The Valente Lusso was designed with hair extensions in mind, making it safe to use on human hair extensions--especially Valente Luxury Extensions!

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